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At The Movies with Arch and Ann

Sep 22, 2017

Arch, Ann and Marc talk about the two gig movies opening this weekend : "Battle of the Sexes" and "Kingsman : The Golden Circle" They also talk about the Emmy winners, the show "The Keepers", and the movie "Stronger". All of that plus, the soundtrack song of the week, tributes to Jake LaMotta and Harry Dean Stanton, and...

Sep 15, 2017

Ann, Arch and Marc open the show by talking about the huge success of "IT' and about the two movies opening this weekend : "Mother" and "American Assassin". Then they talk to Ann about the her time at the Toronto Film Festival. After that they pay their respects to Frank Vincent, and Arch talks about the...

Sep 8, 2017

Ann is in Toronto for their Film Festival, so Arch and Marc are in studio with guest co-host Jason Fraley of WTOP. The guys talk to Ann at the start of the show to hear about what's going on in Toronto, and also the get the insider's view of how to attend a film festival. Then the guys talk about the release of "IT" and...

Sep 1, 2017

Arch, Ann and Marc wrap up Summer with their three best and worst movies of the season. They also chat with Elahe Izadi of the Washington Post about the high's a lows from TV and pop culture. And they finish out the show with "The 3's!" Three movie reccomendations and three emails!